How Gents Celtic Rings Might Be Related to Asian Art

Men’s Celtic Rings – How They Can Have Connections To Asia

Whether or not you happen to be after pizazz, elegance or sophistication, you can find jewellery designers on Orkney who can supply pieces to match every single occasion and augment whatever style and design you choose to wear. Pick from men’s Celtic rings to silver bracelets and complete your look in an elegant but individual way.

When browsing on the Internet you are likely to discover some of the most exquisite tribal art styles, take the well-known Jasmine bracelet as an example. This was inspired by patterns seen on Japanese Inro (tiny lacquered boxes) within the Ivy Wu display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Men’s Celtic Rings Are a good Fit

These incredibly collectable gold and black lacquer boxes and containers are among probably the most admired of Japanese lacquer art. One Orkney artisan has taken the exquisite and sophisticated Jasmine design and made it on her own by crafting it as silver or gold bangles. Her versatility from producing mens Celtic rings to Asian inspired bracelets is extraordinary. On the other hand, this unique Jasmine style is so special that you need to order the bangle so it could be hand crafted for you.

So exactly who is Lady Ivy Wu who has gifted her priceless collection to the folks of Scotland? She’s played an energetic function in local community service in Hong Kong and China by chairing and being a member of numerous advisory boards of quite a few charitable organizations, mainly related to people’s health. She’s sponsored numerous events ending in charitable contributions being collected of millions of pounds to train personnel in medicine in China and Hong Kong.

Lady Wu and her husband also gifted a significant donation to the National Museum of Scotland relating to the creation of a Gallery of East Asian Art which initiates guests to the diverse art of China, Korea and Japan. Each and every section features its own aura and look, creating a sense of moving from one country to an alternative one.

These altruistic fun-filled activities have introduced the magnificence of Asian art to our northern isles and shared their prowess with our local artisans here. An element of the achievement to this approach is usually to combine Celtic inspired ideas with art from other nationalities in conjunction with many of the styles and ideas of Orkney’s local medieval peoples – like men’s Celtic rings, from time to time combining methods from the much more contemporary lacquer art implemented by lots of Japanese schools.

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