How to Make a Movie Free

Do you want to know how to make a movie free? It is simple and doesn’t have to cost you a thing; that is if you have the proper equipment. There are things to consider and this is easy to accomplish if you know what you want before hand. The budget you have, to make a movie takes a lot of time and attention to detail.

The first thing to do is to figure out what kind of movie you would like to make. Whether or not you want to edit as you go or at the end of filming will have an effect as well.

Then you will need something to make a movie about. Write a script with the ideas in your head. Make sure there is a storyline that people can actually follow. There shouldn’t be a lot of special effects if you want to keep it simple enough to make a Movie Free.

Next make your set and find people to act in your movie. Family and friends can help with this if you are keeping the budget low. When it comes time to film make sure they are all in one spot so you can get it done. These should have some sort of schedule for you to follow.

Make sure that you have your equipment ready to go. The camera, microphones, extra tapes, lighting you will need and extra of anything else you will need. Make sure that you have a place to film and sets made. Try using real locations to make your movie; they are cheaper than making them out of wood and painting them.

Take different angles and put them in the movie to make each scene more interesting. When ever you have a mistake in the shot make sure that you re-shoot it immediately. It will save time later. After everything is shot you will need to edit the movie.

You don’t have to shoot from start to finish. If you are not comfortable with a particular scene you can buy time by skipping around. Editing can be done later to put them all in the proper place.

Load the film you just made onto your computer for editing. Take out all of the boring parts; you don’t want to put the audience to sleep. This is where those different angles of the same scene come into play. Take the split or razor tool in the editing system to make smaller clips out of multiple shots and mix them up. You will get a different view of the same shot.

When you have finished editing you can add music to some of the scenes in order to make a larger impact on the audience. Scenes should be kept simple and there should not be too much movement of the camera during the scenes.


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